Hello, I’m Benoît

A freelance graphic designer ready to give your brand the glitters it deserves. Let’s work together!

What can I do for you?

My special area is Branding, but thank’s to my previous jobs I am able to build digital experiences that will make you projects stands up.


Your brand identity isn’t just about the logo. It’s about your world, what you stand for, your universe. Together, let’s tell people a story they won’t forget.

Art direction

To build a strong and powerful brand, you need to define a concrete visual universe. Bring people to your own world and make them want to stay.


Nowadays, the digital world is as important as the real one. Having nice products is one thing, making people aware of their existence is another.

"We worked very closely on establishing the brand guidelines and Benoît constantly brought new ideas, always ready to challenge the rest of the team. I definitely recommend him, as he really gets what is at stake and fits easily into the mould."

Marion Nicault
Marketing manager

"Working with Benoît has been a real pleasure. His understanding of the needs and the brand made that all his proposals were accurate and interesting for us. Also we appreciate his reactivity!"

Betty Verrière
Artistic & Production events